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BIM Invitational Meetup

For the community, by the community

When: July 22-23, 2024

Where: St Paul, MN USA Station 10 Venue

Why: Building design community engagement, learning, and camaraderie

Who: Everyone in the AECO ecosystem interested in developing their expertise

How: Conversation-based small group discussions

Recognizing the importance of informal discussions and round table exchanges in driving innovation and collaboration, we are thrilled to announce the inaugural BIM Invitational Meetup, a reimagining of how professionals find industry insights.

Join Us at BIM Invitational Meetup:

Whether you are a seasoned professional looking to deepen your knowledge or a newcomer eager to immerse yourself in the world of AEC, BIM Invitational Meetup welcomes you. Experience a conference where the power of conversation drives progress and collaboration knows no bounds. Mark your calendars and request an invitation for the BIM Invitational Meetup – where connections are made, ideas flourish, and the future of the industry is shaped.

Can't Attend This Year?

Join our contact list! We would love to have you join us next year! Just fill out the form at the link below to get the latest news on the next annual session coming 2025!

Why Attend?

Deep Dive Discussions

Engage in meaningful conversations with peers and experts through round table discussions focused on practical insights and real-world experiences.  Find others who want to talk about solutions.

Networking Opportunities

Build lasting connections with like-minded professionals during informal gatherings, where the exchange of ideas continues beyond scheduled sessions.

Accessible Knowledge

BIM Invitational Meetup takes the best conversations that happen between formal classes at longer conferences and focuses on those. We are seeking to provide a comfortable venue with a knowledgeable community - no need for the fancy A/V. Quality over quantity.

Community Building

Foster a sense of belonging within the AEC community as you connect with individuals who share your passion for innovation and excellence in architecture, engineering, and construction

See what others are saying

Donnia Tabor-Hanson 

"Attending the BIM Invitational Meetup is an exceptional opportunity for anyone involved in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry. Here’s why you shouldn’t miss it:


    1. Networking Opportunities: Connect with a diverse group of professionals from the AEC world. Whether you are an architect, engineer, contractor, or consultant, this event offers a platform to build valuable relationships. Networking at the conference can lead to potential collaborations, partnerships, and career advancements.

    2. Learning from Experts: Gain insights from industry leaders and BIM experts who will share their experiences, strategies, and best practices. These sessions are designed to provide you with actionable knowledge to apply to your projects, enhancing your skills and staying ahead of industry trends.

    3. Innovative Solutions and Technologies: Discover the latest BIM technology and tool advancements. See how others use cutting-edge solutions that can streamline your workflow, improve project outcomes, and drive efficiency in your operations.

    4. Case Studies and Real-World Applications: Learn from real-world case studies presented by professionals who have successfully implemented BIM in their projects. These sessions offer practical examples and lessons that can help you navigate your BIM journey more effectively.

    5. Professional Development: Attending this conference contributes to your professional growth. It’s a chance to expand your knowledge base and stay updated with the latest industry standards and practices.

    6. Community and Support: Being part of a community that shares your professional interests and challenges is invaluable. The BIM Invitational Meetup fosters a supportive environment where you can exchange ideas, seek advice, and gain peer encouragement.


In summary, the BIM Invitational Meetup is more than just an event; it’s an investment in your professional future. Don’t miss out on the chance to network with industry leaders, learn from experts, and discover the latest innovations in the AEC world. Join us and take your career to the next level!"

Jason Peckovitch

"Attending the BIM Invitational Meetup is crucial for staying ahead in our AEC industry. It offers unparalleled opportunities for professional development, networking with industry leaders, discovering innovative solutions, and gaining valuable insights that can drive personal and business growth. With the absence of BILTNA this year, this event is a must-attend for anyone looking to enhance their skills, build meaningful connections, and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving field."

Steve Faust

"Small conferences are great because you get to meet people in person and have time to hang out, ask questions, and bounce ideas around.  Often the people at these types of conferences are some of the experts in their field so it’s a great opportunity to connect and gain industry insights."

Robert Gadbaw

We try to make it a priority when an opportunity arises to interact with users from the industry. Unfortunately, a lot of conferences are so big that users see and talk to so many people it’s tough to remember everyone and everything they saw. This kind of conference is perfect for both parties, we get to listen to their needs and with a bit of luck they can take away some knowledge that we share.

About The Founders

With the cancellation of BILT NA, our founders recognized an opportunity to not only support the professional development of our peers but also to realize an idea we've been discussing for years. The Invitational isn't intended to replicate the remarkable programming by DBEI (and hopefully, they will resume), but rather to serve as a complementary event to the standard conference format. Here, our founders aim to offer an alternative where attendees aren't constrained by popular class selections and can engage in enriching discussions without rushing to the next session on their checklist.

Ways To Support Further


Sponsors play a crucial role in the success of our conference, enabling organizers to enhance the experience for attendees and cover essential costs. Their support allows for the creation of engaging sessions, networking opportunities, and logistical arrangements. Additionally, donations from individuals or organizations are warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated, as they contribute to the sustainability and growth of the event. Every contribution, whether big or small, helps ensure that the BIM Invitational Meetup remains a valuable platform for industry collaboration and innovation.